Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

When planning your upcoming wedding reception there are a few common important tips you may have forgotten to consider. This month we are focusing on reception tips to enhance your special wedding day. This week we have some reception tips that will help with planning for your band or DJ.


Whether you are having a band or DJ, they will need proper power to play your event.  For a DJ, the requirement is generally a clean 20-amp circuit. By clean, we simply mean that particular outlet has nothing else plugged into it. This will ensure that no unforeseen circumstances occur to affect the music or microphones.

Be sure to review your contract for power requirements, or simply confirm with your entertainer beforehand. Most times, a professional entertainer will reach out to your venue prior so they can always confirm directly their specific needs.


No, we are not talking about your venue location, we are referring to your DJ location! This too is a commonly overlooked factor. Where does the DJ go? Since music is fluid, most people think to put their DJ in the corner. That is the absolute worst place to have your DJ stationed for the evening! “Don’t put baby in a corner” Although the bride and groom are the guests of honor – you want to be sure that your emcee and lead entertainer are able to see the guests. A professional DJ is paying attention to what songs are getting your guests on the dance floor and what songs they aren’t enjoying so much. Your DJ will not be able to see what your guests are tapping their toes to if they are too far from the corner of the room!


This is often an overlooked KEY factor when setting your seating chart. When possible, try not to put any tables near the DJ or between the DJ and the dance floor. Also, you want to try to ALWAYS be mindful to where you seat your older guests. Any tables closest to the DJ or bad will certainly be unhappy guests. No matter how soft the music, since they are the closest the music will always be louder for them considering their seating location. The same idea goes for your older guests.

Hopefully these tips will help as you begin planning your upcoming wedding reception. Check back next week for more reception tips to help enhance your big day!

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