Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Considering your guests is another element that sometimes gets lost when planning your wedding day. During this month, we are focusing on reception tips and this week we want you to put yourself into your guests shoes just to be sure they enjoy themselves and all of the hard work you have put into planning such a special day!

Make sure you try not to have a large gap between your ceremony and reception venues. Most couples like to take their wedding pictures while their guests are enjoying cocktail hour. Just be sure to think about the travel time between the ceremony and reception site with relation to what time your cocktail hour is scheduled to begin. If your ceremony is over at 3:30 and cocktail hour is from 4:30-5:30 that is great if the travel time to the reception venue is approximately 45 minutes. However, if the travel time is only 10 minutes, consider moving your cocktail hour up from 4:30 to 4:00. Most times a hotel will have a bar for your guests to hang out at until your ballroom is ready which will work great if you do not want to change your timeline. But, if your reception is going to be at a hall then moving your timeline up is the best idea so that your guests are not left with nowhere to go and nothing to do while they wait for you to finish your photos!

Remember, it is a long day for your guests as well. Making sure they are comfortable throughout the day and into the evening will help to ensure that your wedding day is like a house party on steroids!

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