Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This week’s reception tip is best for clients who will be using a hall for their reception venue. Usually, there is little or no staff during your event at these places. If there is a kitchen area available at the hall be sure to review your contract or request that there is an actual staff person on site during your reception. This will aid in any questions that may come up in the kitchen. Another overlooked but crucial detail is ensuring that you have someone to monitor and replace the toilet paper and paper towels in the restrooms.

Drink placement is also significant when planning your wedding reception in a hall. Imagine, getting your iced tea and lemonade at the same place as the beer and wine. Sounds ideal, right? Well what happens when the bar area is closed off during dinner and there is nowhere to grab simple non-alcoholic beverages to go with your meal? Be sure to bear in mind your guests when planning your wedding reception. Simply details like these can often be overlooked and while adjustments can easily be made, why alter your plans when you can just plan accordingly and sit back and enjoy your wedding reception!

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