Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we have been focusing on reception tips and how to make sure you enhance your wedding reception so that your guests will remember it for years to come. This week we want to give you some guidance on toasts and speeches.

You want to make sure that your toasts are given while you have all of your guests’ attention. It may seem like it would make sense to give toasts during dinner, maybe between courses, but that is actually the worst time to give them! The only time you really have your guests’ full attention is directly before you begin dinner. This is after your grand entrance. It is best to do any toasts, speeches or greetings at that time while all of your guests’ eyes are directed toward the head table and you have their full attention.

Between courses your guests will want to run to the restroom, go to the bar, or simply catch up with other guests at other tables. Instead of sitting down and listening to your toasts and blessings they are walking around with other intentions completely oblivious to what is being said. Remember, it is difficult to settle your guests once they have begun to move around.

Another reason we recommend getting those toasts and speeches out of the way before you lose your guests attention is because most likely the person giving the toast is not a professional speaker. When your guests are up and moving around they are not paying attention to the person speaking and this could be a huge distraction to whomever is giving the toast. The distraction can lead to jolting their nerves or causing them to lose their train of thought. When this happens, it could take longer to get toasts and speeches completed which take time away from the catering staff who are patiently waiting to serve your guests the hot meal you paid so much money for. If you did decide on toasts and speeches between your courses being served bear in mind that the catering staff is going to stop serving your guests when there is someone speaking because they do not want to interrupt. But again, do you really want to make your catering staff pause their duties because of poor time management?

Be sure to stop back next month for a new Wenning Wedding Tip topic!

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