Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Drapery & ceiling treatments are becoming more and more popular lately. But don’t be surprised if you contact a vendor to ask about drapery & ceiling treatment packages and they tell you that is not something they offer. Each item is custom made so a package is not something that can be made available for a service like this. Plus, there are a ton of variables in cost. When you start thinking about using drapery & ceiling treatments for your upcoming wedding day decor you will want to keep a few things in mind. You will have to consider fabric options, ease of setup, your venue capabilities as well as labor.


The average cost for drapery & ceiling treatments is around $5000. Now certainly, that completely depends on what you want done to create the look at your venue. It could very well cost more, or less. It always helps to have a picture of what you want to share with your vendor. This will help them understand the look you want and they can explain to you what would need to be done in order to create your vision.

A realistic budget when planning on using drapery & ceiling treatments is not going to be any less than $2000. Labor alone may be $1000. Then you have to consider the type of fabric you would like to use for your ceiling treatments. Fabric options generally include sheer, satin, velour and then we cannot forget the multitude of colors you can choose from. FYI, white is usually the most expensive. Are you thinking about incorporating lights at all? Depending on the style, you have to not only factor in the lights but also the additional labor in setting the lights. Does your venue have outlets in the ceiling or will the power be coming from the wall? Generally, these are questions that you do not think about when trying to attain the look to make your venue reflect your style and personality. Once you reach out to discuss your drapery & ceiling treatments your vendor should schedule a site survey to ensure the venue is able to accomplish what you want done.

We don’t want to scare you with these numbers. Remember, this is an informative blog and we just want to ensure that you are empowered with as much information as necessary going into your meetings with various vendors. Make sure to stop back next week to learn more information on drapery & ceiling treatments budgeting: part 2!

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