Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

There are so many aspects that go into drapery and ceiling treatments we thought it would be a good idea to do a Part 2. We just want to share our “insider info” with you so that you recognize some areas that you may not have considered going into drapery and ceiling treatment selections! First thing you will need to identify is how intricate do you want your design to be. Since packages are not ever offered for special décor, be sure to contact any vendor you are thinking about using to ensure they can complete your design idea.


Be sure to speak with the coordinator at your venue to find out more information about their rigging options. Will they allow you to hang drapery and ceiling treatments? Depending on the what you want from your design we may need to know the weight limits of the rigging points and height. Based on the intricacy of the design, we will also need to know how soon access will be allowed to the venue to create your drapery design.


The weight restrictions and height requirements are just one aspect that goes into deciding what equipment is necessary to create your design. Are the ceiling treatments able to be done using a tall ladder or will a scissor lift be essential to gain height and produce your project. If you want to utilize lights for your design we also have to think about what will be necessary to attach them to the drapery or will they be stand-alone lights? These are just some things to consider when planning your special décor design.


Another key factor when making your design decisions is what type of fabric would you like to use. The type and color will almost always make a difference in price. Some fabric types are more cost effective than others and the same goes for the color of the fabric. Sheer and satin can be more expensive then velvet or velour – but that all depends on the amount of fabric and color as well.

Be realistic when creating your budget for special décor and drapery or ceiling treatments. Just because you see something online that looks beautiful does not always mean that there is a cost-effective way to produce the same look. Some designs just are not budget conscientious.


Labor is something that generally is not accounted for correctly when creating a budget for drapery and ceiling treatments. Most companies work from a hourly minimum for labor costs. This will usually take into account both setup and strike times but if your design is more detailed then you will need to account for more labor costs since it will most likely take a little more time to create the design. If you want something more detailed that requires more time you will need to ensure that there are no other events going on at the venue earlier the same day or in some cases, the day before. The same idea goes for striking your drapery and ceiling treatment design. How soon is the crew able to get in after the event to begin taking everything down and when is the next event scheduled so that your laborers are able to have everything cleaned up in time for the next event.

These ideas and more have to be taken into consideration when you want to use drapery and ceiling treatments. Check in next week to get more information in creating your drapery and ceiling treatment design.

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