Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Wall treatment ideas can be a great way to add some special décor to your wedding venue. This is when you use pipe and drape to design special décor. You can utilize wall treatments to supplement most costly ceiling treatments or simply use then in lieu of ceiling treatments. As with all special décor, there are many variables that go into accurate costs.


Costs for wall treatments generally are prices per linear foot. That can range anywhere between $12 and can go upwards of $30. Pricing will depend on the type of fabric you use. Sheer, satin, velour etc. Also, would you like to add a valence or lighting to your design? This would only enhance the look you are creating in your ballroom. Keep in mind that the height of your fabric will play into the cost as well.


Most wall treatment ideas can be completed easier than ceiling treatments saving you on labor costs. Consider wall treatments a more cost-effective way to create a new look to your wedding venue. Keep in mind, having photo ideas of what design you would like created is always a huge help for your designers!

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