Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we wanted to share some important tips for customizing the pipe and drape for your upcoming wedding. Here is a quick recap of the varying factors that go into the budgeting for drapery and ceiling treatments.


Remember, it is nearly impossible to accurately budget for drapery and ceiling or wall treatments without speaking with your vendor first. Take into consideration your venue, your fabric and your design before setting a budget on what to spend on this service. Packages are almost never offered for drapery design since it is all generally customized to suit your needs. You may see many designs online that you like, but those designs may not always be budget conscientious.


Speak with your venue to find out what they have going on in the ballroom you will be using before (and after) your event. How soon will staff be able to begin to transform the area before your event? How much time and how soon will they be able to access the room to begin teardown? If your venue has anything going on immediately before your event or immediately after, you may want to consider a simple design. Some designs that are more detailed may also require more equipment to complete the look. With that said, be sure to keep setup and teardown times in mind. Your venue may have to be flexible to ensure you have enough time for your design.


If you know you want to spruce up your venue a little, but aren’t really sure of what to do take a peek at the photos we added to this vlog to help with some ideas. Ceiling treatments, drapery and wall treatments aren’t always going to be cost effective but sometimes they can replace flowers or other visuals and still be appealing to your guests.

Give us a call today to discuss your ceiling or wall treatment or even drapery options. We will schedule your site survey and get you custom pricing for your design ideas!

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