Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Couples planning their wedding day are always open to new ideas. They usually also want tips on ways to save money. If you have set a budget and are trying to keep costs low here are some ideas on ways to find some savings! Remember, there are certain aspects you will want to spend more on, but some items are less important than others.


When you think about a really great favor it is usually edible or simply useful. Everyone is familiar with the long-held Pittsburgh traditional cookie table. For this you can utilize printed cookie bags or boxes to make taking cookies home easily. Some other ideas could range anywhere from beer bottle or wine cork openers with your names and date on it. Something that guests will continue to use over the years and be reminded of the great time they had celebrating your big day with you!


A lot of trendy ideas for wedding centerpieces are not only wide but also very tall. They may look great in pictures but you have to keep in mind that you may have guests sitting at a table that haven’t seen each other in a long time or may just be getting to know each other for the first time. With these big & tall centerpieces it won’t be easy for them to converse at the table. Imagine your guests bobbing their heads back and forth just trying to make eye contact with the person across the table they are trying to talk to.

Keeping things as simple as possible will help get your point across. Candles, flowers and even something specific to your hobbies or careers is perfect. Sometimes the most simple and most intimate ideas can truly go a long way.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking out of the box. Be sure to check in next week for some more wedding planning tips!

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