Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Couples planning their wedding day are always open to new ideas and saving money is a top priority. If you have set a budget and are trying to keep costs low here are some ideas on ways to find some savings! Remember, there are certain aspects you will want to spend more on, but some items are less important than others.

Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be a formal grand affair. Remember, that part comes on your actual wedding day! Instead, a great idea to save money for this event is to have something less formal. Maybe a backyard cookout if the weather permits or possibly your parents or a friends house can hold your guests and will host a catered dinner in your honor. You don’t have to have a huge dinner, just invite your bridal party, parents and officiant. Not all of your guests have to be there so don’t splurge on this part of your wedding. Your rehearsal dinner is just that, practice for the real show the next day!

Guest List

If you happen to have a list of people you are unsure if you should invite try making an A, B & C List. Your A List should include your close friends and immediate family. Use the B & C List for co-workers, friends you may not have recently been in touch with and those distant cousins and other family members you haven’t seen in years. Now, who makes the cut? If you have guests on your B & C Lists that you have not talked to within the past year it is acceptable not to feel obligated to invite them to celebrate this special day with you. If you’re still unsure if you should invite them, try this strategy. Would you take this guest out to dinner and spend $150 per person at a 5 star restaurant on them without blinking an eye? Or, would be just as satisfied with taking them to Applebee’s and spending only about $40 on their meal? If Applebee’s is your decision, don’t invite them. (Note: We Love Applebee’s!)

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking out of the box. Be sure to check in next week for some more wedding planning tips!

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