Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Couples planning their wedding day are always open to new ideas. They usually also want tips on ways to save money. If you have set a budget and are trying to keep costs low here are some ideas on ways to find some savings! Remember, there are certain aspects you will want to spend more on, but some items are less important than others.


Most couples include flowers into the budget for their Big Day but most people don’t realize how much flowers can actually cost. Instead of spending close to $9000 on flowers, that you will ultimately give or throw away after your reception, cut that budget and supplement your design. Try spending around $1500 and create a small lighting budget that will give a bigger effect while saving you money!


Try adding lighting to give your venue the perfect look. Sometimes simple can be just enough! There are many lighting design styles that you could use to add to the special décor for your upcoming wedding reception. A monogram is a timeless way to illuminate the dance floor at your wedding. Display your names or initials on the wall or dance floor but don’t forget you have options in this area also. For an added interior decoration, try a monogram that matches your theme, snowflakes for a winter décor or even your personalized wedding logo!

Up-lighting and down-lighting will add an effect to whatever they are shining on! Down-lights will transform your chandeliers while up-lights are used for walls and sconces. Not all venues are able to use pinspot lighting for tables and centerpieces. Using LED up-lights will give you the same effect without changing your centerpieces!


If you will be using any linens or drapery to decorate your venue it may be more cost effective for you to actually buy your own linens rather than renting them. We know, it doesn’t make sense, but once you factor in delivery and labor costs in addition to cleaning fees for the next rental you are looking at spending anywhere from $1200 on linens to $4000 depending on the style you choose. You will save money going this route and then after your event you can have them cleaned and resell them on any of the various wedding resell websites.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking out of the box. Be sure to check in next week for some more wedding planning tips!

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