Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Couples planning their wedding day are always open to new ideas. They usually also want tips on ways to save money. If you have set a budget and are trying to keep costs low here are some ideas on ways to find some savings! Remember, there are certain aspects you will want to spend more on, but some items are less important than others.

Bridal Party Gifts

Since it is a customary tradition to give each member of your bridal party a gift; try to DIY something instead of buying a gift from a store. Maybe you or your fiancé have some hidden talent like painting or woodwork that would make an excellent gift idea! Pintrest may have some great ideas for you to try also. Your bridal party will cherish anything handmade more than anything store bought.

Book Out of Season

Some vendors offer a discount if you book your wedding during the off season. Consider off season as being late fall or winter. You can also think about booking on a Friday or Sunday during prime wedding season. You may not receive as deep of a discount as off season but you may still be able to save some money. Sometimes if there is an upcoming long holiday weekend you can try to plan your Big Day for a Thursday. Since they are not very busy on those days, and especially during the off season, venues look being booked for the right price!

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking out of the box. Be sure to check in next week for some more wedding planning tips!

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