Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

When you think about it, some of your vendors are there with you through the better part of your Big Day. Your photographer, videographer and day of planner gets started around the same time as you do that morning and continue well into the evening. Your DJ then arrives anywhere from 2-3 hours before your cocktail hour or reception begins. They are interactive and keep the energy high during the remainder of your Wedding Day! If you were questioning if, and when, to feed your vendors the answer is yes and after the family table. Consider this, your vendors are professionals and will not require a full half hour to eat. They simply want some fuel to get them through the rest of your evening. If your vendors are eating after the family is served they are not missing any necessary shots and the DJ is not playing any requests or worried with keeping your dance floor full! This always works better because then your vendors are not sitting around with little or nothing to do for 45 minutes while your guests enjoy their dinner.

If you wait to serve your vendors after your guests have eaten the problem is that now your guests have eaten and they expect your vendors to work. Your guests are now looking for the next event on your timeline because they are no longer have anything occupying their attention. You have put a lot of thought into your timeline and this is something that should take just as much consideration as other details to ensure that your evening is executed without a hitch!

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