Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

No one wants to be sitting at the table closet to the DJ during any type of an event. If you are not mindful when doing the layout for your reception, then you may end up with guests sitting closer to the DJ than necessary. You do not want your DJ positioned in any corner! Doing this will make it more difficult for the DJ to entertain your guests. Your DJ has to provide music for the entire reception area, not just the tables closest to him. If your DJ has to setup in a corner of the venue it will make it extremely difficult for the sound to be even throughout the entire venue. The people sitting at the tables closest to the DJ, or between the DJ and the dance floor, will experience the music at a much louder volume because the sound will have to be louder to get to the other side of the room. Instead of placing the DJ in a corner they should be directly beside the dance floor where he can be more interactive throughout the entire evening!

If it is absolutely necessary for there to be a table closer to the DJ than others than maybe you can consider seating your “party people” or younger guests nearest to the DJ. This is a better way to ensure everyone remains happy instead of sitting your grandparents or great aunts and uncles near the DJ.

Keep in mind that it is better to have an interactive DJ versus someone who just sits behind a table pushing buttons all evening. Your guests will have a more enjoyable time in addition to perhaps learning some new dance moves from the experienced and professionally trained DJ!

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