Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

When you begin selecting vendors, the photographer may come with a higher cost than you initially thought, but have you considered the amount of time that goes into creating an album you will cherish and share with loved ones? A professional photographer is going to commit to at least an 8 or 9-hour day full of maintaining peace and anticipating shots important to the day as well as shots important to the couple. You may think you have a good friend with a great camera that can capture shots for you, but what happens if something goes wrong with their camera? Will they have a backup camera or extra memory cards? Will your friend have various lenses and be knowledgeable enough to adjust the ISO when the lighting changes? What if they are sick the day of your Wedding, do they have someone to send in their stead? If something goes wrong and they cause an accident, are they insured? These are all questions/concerns to address and consider when planning who will photograph your Big Day. Professionals anticipate all of these things and have the network and experience to ensure that you are covered regardless of what may happen.

You only have one chance to capture the emotion and meaningful moments that will create the lasting memories that come with such a special day. You do not want to be divested by photos that don’t even do your special day the justice it deserves. Select a photographer with a great personality and the style to capture your Wedding Day the way you want it. The final product will last a lifetime and be viewed by not just you and your spouse but by future generations as well! Take a look at our website for some awesome images with some wonderful clients we have worked with in the past!

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