Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Are you having trouble finding the answers to your wedding questions? This month we will be answering the most common viewer questions we get!

There are never stupid questions to ask us when it comes to planning your wedding. We are professionals for a reason, so we have more than likely dealt with these viewer questions or problems in the past. Don’t go into your big day with unanswered questions and uncertainty.

Viewer Question 1:”How do I make sure that my vendors and venue and me are all on the same page?”

This is one of the most common viewer question that we get.  The best rule of thumb to go by when coordinating with vendors is this: There Is No Such Thing As Over-communication!  Most vendors and venues will schedule one last meeting with you the week of the wedding.  This is to make sure that everything is ship shape.  Try to be available for these, and all, meetings. You want to be there so that the vendors don’t assume anything that you want.  With assumption, so comes confusion and miscommunications.

Also, make sure you designate someone reliable to be your point of contact on the day of your wedding.  This can be a member of your bridal or wedding party or even a member of your family.  So long as they are a trusted and reliable person that you can count on to be your voice in communicating with your vendors.  Lets face it, the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about some detail of the catering. So, make sure you are clear before the day on your expectations and pick someone trustworthy to carry out all that needs done day of.

Viewer Question 2:”What wedding customs are ok to skip?”

Which ever ones you want!  It is 2020! If you don’t feel like doing something that your parents did at their wedding YOU DON’T HAVE TO.  Your wedding is meant to be a celebration of you and your partner.  Maybe you think the bouquet toss is antiquated.  Maybe the thought of your partner removing your garter in front of your parents and extended family is gross to you. Whatever it is, if you don’t like it, then it’s cancelled.

Odds are your guests are going to know you well enough to know that you might be unconventional.  And no one for that matter will be upset if you don’t do a series of special dances before the party starts.  Do what makes you happy and the rest of your guests will have a great time.

Viewer Question 3:”Do I really need paper invites?”

Yes.  In the age of technology, it’s easy to scoff at the tradition of paper invitations and save the dates.  But, think about it.  Remember the last time you got a Facebook invite or a text about an event that you said you would go to? Did you actually remember or even want to go to it? Odds are, probably not.

People are less likely to reply and more likely to forget to respond when invitations are sent to groups.  Paper invitations make the invite more personal and will make people more likely to respond.  Also, if the first impression your giving off about your wedding is a Facebook group, you give a super casual vibe right off the bat.   Paper invites will make your attendees take your wedding more seriously and make a point to come.

If we didn’t get around to your question this week, don’t stress it, we will be doing this segment all month long!

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Published Date: March 18, 2020

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