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Do you get overwhelmed just thinking of all the things that go in to planning your wedding?

Lets face it, we all live busy lives. Using these wedding apps will make organizing your big day on the go a breeze.

After you get engaged, the long list of things to plan and organize for your wedding can be super overwhelming. From finding a venue to picking out your color scheme, the list can seem endless. Taking your time to plan everything effectively while still trying to save money on a wedding planner can seem almost impossible. So, how can I plan my wedding and keep all of my ducks in a row conveniently?  This video is designed to help answer that question and provide recommendations for wedding apps that will keep pace with your on the go lifestyle.

To Find the Best Venue: Wedding Spot

Finding the perfect venue is almost as important as finding the perfect dress for your wedding. But you and your partner have jobs and responsibilities that take up a lot of your time. How can you make sure that a venue checks off all of your requirements before scheduling an appointment?  Try the Wedding Spot app!

Wedding Spot is an app that lets you search, price, and compare wedding venues from your mobile device.  With access to over 10,000 venues nation wide you can compare prices and book your free appointment all in one place.  Don’t waste your time and confuse yourself trying to make a spread sheet to compare all of your venue options.  Give Wedding Spot a try and get access to exclusive venue deals and discounts!

Build a Color Scheme: Pantone

Now that you found your venue, you can now start thinking about how all the other parts of your ceremony will come together. These will include your flowers, your linens, and the colors of your bridal party to name just a few.  You want to make sure that the colors you pick don’t clash with the decor of the space. To develop easy color scheme ideas for any venue try the Pantone app.

Through a simple snap of a picture, the Pantone app will generate specific colors that will look great on your special day.  Just use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your space and Pantone will build a palette suited to your photo using 3D-rendered materials and designs. Or, you can have total independence and create your own color pallet!  The best part is that once you finalize your colors, you can share them with via the Creative Cloud or on social media to make sure everyone is on the same page about your colors.

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Published Date: February 19, 2020

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