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Do you get overwhelmed just thinking of all the things that go in to planning your wedding?

Lets face it, we all live busy lives. Using these wedding planning apps will make organizing your big day on the go a breeze.

After you get engaged, the long list of things to plan and organize for your wedding can be super overwhelming. Taking your time to plan everything effectively while still trying to save money on a wedding planner can seem almost impossible.    So, how can I plan my wedding and keep all of my ducks in a row conveniently?  This video is designed to help answer that question and provide wedding planning app recommendations that will keep pace with your on the go lifestyle.

Find the Best Out of Town Guest Accommodations: Hotel Planner

Being realistic, most of us don’t live in the same place as some of our friends and families due to one reason or another.  With everyone so spread out nowadays, it feels overwhelming to find a block of hotel rooms that are cozy and won’t break the bank.  Now, theres no need for the headache of trying to do this all by yourself with the Hotel Planner app.

The Hotel Planner app compares group hotel rates and ratings for your wedding guests for free!  Gone are the days of making confusing spreadsheets you can’t understand to try and manually compare hotels.  Now with the Hotel Planner app, you can see each hotel’s stats as well as images of the rooms so you see exactly what your getting.  Put the minds of you, your partner, and your guests at ease with easy accommodation planning through the Hotel Planner app.

For Reliable and Affordable Transportation: UberEvents

Now that you have your guests all settled in their hotels whats the next step in your wedding planning process?  Finding reliable transportation for them to get to your wedding of course!   Sure, you might think your out of town guests can help a taxi driver to navigate to the ceremony space. But why chance them getting lost on your big day? Make sure that all of your other guests are at ease with their transportation with UberEvents.

UberEvents is an extension of the regular Uber app. Therefore, UberEvents allows you to manage how, when and where your guests ride through a promo code specialized to you.  The best part is that you only pay for the rides that are used and not a penny more!  So, don’t feel like you’re restricted by a hotel shuttle bus.  And most importantly, don’t take a chance on your guests driving inebriated from your wedding.  Put your mind at ease and make sure everyone arrives on time with the UberEvents app.

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Published Date: February 12, 2020

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