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Do you get overwhelmed just thinking of all the things you have to plan for your wedding?

Lets face it, we all live busy lives. Wedding apps will make organizing your big day a breeze. 

After you get engaged, the long list of things to plan and organize for your wedding can be super overwhelming. Taking your time to plan everything effectively while still trying to save money on a wedding planner can seem almost impossible.    So, how can I plan my wedding and keep all of my ducks in a row conveniently?  This video is designed to help answer that question and provide wedding planning app recommendations that will keep pace with your on the go lifestyle.

Organize Your Gift Registry: HoneyFund

There is always pressure when trying to decide where you’re going to register for wedding gifts.  You have to consider where there is the most variety, the best prices, and more. You might even like the gifts from two different places but aren’t sure how to keep track of multiple registries.  Now you can track your registries easily with HoneyFund. HoneyFund is an app where you can consolidate all you’re registries in one place. Now you wont have to worry about wether to register a Target or Crate & Barrel. Register at both and easily keep track of all your items!

HoneyFund is also a great option for alternative registries.  Maybe you don’t need gifts and want your guests to contribute to a goal fund you have.  That could be a fund for your honeymoon, house renovations, or even paying the wedding bills!  Your guests will love the organization, convenience and variety of options you get when using the Honeyfund app.

Develop Your Budget: Mint

Now you have your registry all squared away for your guests. The next thing you need to lock down is your budget. There are so many aspects of your special day that need to be individually payed for.  Moreover, you need to be able so see how much you’re spending on each single element, while also keeping track of how much your wedding will cost all together.  Keeping all of this organized is easy and convenient with the Mint App.

Mint is an app that connects to your bank account and lets you organize your finances in every area of your life, including your wedding!  So create a list of all you and your partner want for your big day and use Mint to see how those costs will effect the rest of your finances. Make sure you’re sticking to your budget and maybe get other financial tips along the way! Keep your bills, budgets, and payments in line with the Mint App.

Lets face it, we all live busy lives. Online wedding planning apps will make organizing your big day a breeze. 

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 Published Date: February 5, 2020

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