Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Are you finding that trying to build your gift registration is too overwhelming or stressful? 

Thinking about all the gift registry options you have for your wedding can be stressful.  Taking time to find a balance between what your guests want to give and what you want to receive is important. So, what do I ask for on my wedding registry? This video is designed to help you answer this question.

So, you’ve tried out our previous tips in an attempt to nail down a solid list for your gift registry but it hasn’t been working.  You’re getting too overwhelmed with your options and you’re stressed out over if the items on your list are the best choices. Are you wondering if having a gift registry is too unnecessary? Well, there is another option for you if you are facing wedding registry burn-out.

Refocus Your Gift Registration

In our previous Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday posts, we have stressed the overall importance of creating a list that works for both you and your partner in the most practical ways possible.  We’ve focused on sticking to classic and timeless items; ones that are appropriate for a newly wed couple won’t break the bank. But, what if you’re in the position of already having all the kitchen accessories you’d ever need?

Think Outside the Box

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Asking for all this stuff just seems unnecessary!” heres’ an idea: DON’T.  No one said you have to have a traditional wedding registry with this long winded list of things you don’t need.  Instead, if you’re able, think about asking your guests to donate to a charitable organization of your choice! 

Make Your Gift Registration Your Own!

Don’t worry, you can still make your registry your own even if it isn’t with hand selected gifts.  There’s a cause that everyone has close to their hearts, so why not use your big event to contribute to those in need! Your guests will feel great about their donation to help a cause in your name to honor your happy day.

And it can’t hurt to start your new life together with some good karma!

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Published Date: January 29, 2020

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