Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Are you registering for gifts don’t fit your current lifestyle?

Thinking about what you want to put on your registry for your wedding can be stressful.  Taking time to find the balance between what your guests want to give and what you want to receive is important. So, what do I ask for on my wedding registry? This video is designed to help you answer this question.

You have your budget in place. The gifts you have in mind aren’t too personal and have classic, timeless qualities. Now what? Now is the time to look at the list you and your partner have come up with and decide how practical those gifts are for your current lifestyle.

Where are you at now?

Your guests want nothing more than to help support you through the beginning of your marriage. The registry helps to direct this so, it is important to register for items that you will realistically use.  When making your registry, you need to take in to account what will benefit you and your partner as soon as you’re married.  Consider this question: “What can fit into my home right now?”

How big is TOO big?

If “not this” is the answer to the previous question maybe rethink if it should be on your registry.  You want to ask for gifts that will easily fit into the lifestyle you have now and will translate well to the future you are going to build. Keeping this in mind, stay away from large items like furniture.  While your at it, keep away from asking for multiple sets of things like sheets or dishes.  These will clutter your current space.

Be Patient!

Sure, it’s fun and exciting to think of all the things you are going fill your future forever home with; however, if that dream is not going to be fulfilled in the near future though, be patient with your purchases! There will always be time to purchase larger items at a later time. Consider saving some of the cash you may get to pay for these items later.

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Published Date: January 22, 2020


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