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Thinking about what you want to put on your registry for your wedding can be stressful. Taking time to find the balance between what your guests want to give and what you want to receive is important. So, what do I ask for on my wedding registry? This video is designed to help you answer this question.


After you have created the budget for your wedding registry, the next thing to consider is what to ask for. You want to make sure the items listed are going to last a lifetime. If a gift is too trendy, it will end up in a box in your basement. Or in a storage unit. For years to come. People do not want to waste their money on gifting items that you are not going to use!

Your Registry Should Last

When creating your wedding registry, it is important to put things on there that you are going to use for a lifetime. Items that you are only going to use for a year or two should not be on your registry. Your guests are already spending money to come to your wedding and you want to be considerate of that. Your wedding registry should not contain items you are barely going to use. Doing so is not only a waste of your time, but also their money.

Items To Ask For

Some items that will last a lifetime include kitchen tools, entertaining products, bedding, linens, and household essentials. A blender, napkins, comforter, towels and a vacuum are likely to be used for years. These items are not likely to end up in a storage unit which means they are great for your registry! Asking for practical and everyday items will be beneficial to both you and your spouse for a long time.

Registry Needs vs Wants

Lastly, putting items on your registry that will last a lifetime will help make sure that the majority of your items will be bought. When looking at what to gift, people are more likely to purchase items they know you will use for a long time. This is important to keep this in mind because you don’t want to be stuck without something you need because you put too many things you just wanted.


Remember, people want to give great gifts! Giving your guests a reasonable and long-lasting registry will make sure that the gifts you receive are what you want and need for a lifetime.

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