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Thinking about what you want to put on your registry for your wedding can be stressful. Taking time to find the balance between what your guests want to give and what you want to receive is important. So, what do I ask for on my wedding registry? This video is designed to help you answer this question.


After you have created the budget for your wedding registry, the next thing to consider is what to ask for. You want to make sure that the items listed are going to represent you both as a couple, and not a personal gift for one of you. If a gift is too personal, guests are less likely to purchase it and it can be seen as tacky.

Not a Personal Registry

When making your registry, it is very important to make sure that the items on there will benefit the both of you. Personal items such as jewelry, sporting equipment, or other accessories are not appropriate for a wedding registry. Before adding an item to your registry, ask yourself, “is this going to benefit our new life together?” If the answer is no, reconsider if you want it on there.

Not a Registry for Your Children

If you are a couple with children, putting anything on your registry for them is strongly discouraged. The guests at your wedding are there to celebrate you and your commitment to each other, not your kids. You want to make sure that your registry reflects the purpose of your wedding, the new couple.

Registry For You Both

The main purpose of your registry is to receive items that will make your new life together better! Make sure that every item on your registry is beneficial to both people, not just one.

Registry Needs vs Wants

Lastly, putting items on your registry that makes sense for the both of you will help make sure your guests have peace of mind when purchasing. People want to gift something that you both can enjoy together, so include this on your registry. Your future husband may want a new set of golf clubs, but that does not mean that your guests should feel obligated to buy them.

Remember, people want to give great gifts! Giving your guests a reasonable registry to choose from will make sure that the gifts you receive are what you both want and what you both need.


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