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Thinking about what you want to put on your registry for your wedding can be stressful. Taking time to find the balance between what your guests want to give and what you want to receive is important. So, what do I ask for? This video is designed to help you answer this question.


To begin, the very first thing to consider for your registry is what you want your budget to be. Your guests will most likely already have additional expenses they have to pay for when preparing for your wedding. Make sure you factor these things in when thinking about what to put on your registry.


$250 Budget

Ask yourself, are your guests going to pay for: A new outfit? A hotel? Other travel expenses? Time off of work? Given the fact that they will most likely have these expenses, we suggest keeping the gifts under $250. Keep in mind, this is a maximum, meaning this should not be the average or the standard. This can fluctuate between weddings because of different average incomes, however, $250 is a great base budget.


Next, it is recommended to have the majority of your gifts be on the lower end of your budget. Doing this will prevent your guests from feeling like they have to spend a fortune to attend your wedding. Large scale items are great to have on there, but avoid only having pricey items.

Registry Needs vs Wants

Lastly, keeping a realistic budget will help make sure that the majority of things on your registry will be bought. When looking at what to gift, people are more likely to buy several smaller items rather than one big item. This is important to keep in mind because you don’t want to be stuck without something you need because you put too many things you just wanted.

Remember, people want to give great gifts! Giving your guests a reasonably priced registry to choose from will make sure that the gifts you receive are what you want and what they can afford.

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