Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

The aspect of a wedding that couples tend to overlook because they don’t participate in it is, the cocktail hour. More specifically, the entertainment during cocktail hour. This is a very important part of the wedding and today we will providing considerations that you need to think about.


The cocktail hour is a great time for everyone to come together and start celebrating. Some considerations that the bride and groom have to think about are, what kind of entertainment they will be providing. Even though they are not participating in this, it is important to entertain your guests and keep them occupied before you return.


While you are most likely taking photos still, your guests are back at the venue anxiously awaiting your return. They are going to expect food and drinks, but then what? Do they have to talk to each other? What about the family drama between your Aunt Suzy and Aunt Michelle? They can’t have any award silence or something will go down…


It is very important to provide entertainment in the form of music during cocktail hour to help set the vibe. Background music will not only prevent awkward silence, but will also ease the mood and provide an environment that encourages side conversations instead of yelling.


If you are going to have two separate forms of entertainment for your cocktail hour and ceremony, it is important that each of them know this. When two forms of entertainment work together, it is important that they coordinate before hand. This will help make sure the transitions are smooth and timely. It is not uncommon to have a band or solo player for cocktail hour and then a DJ for the reception. If there is one entertainer, make sure it is known that entertainment for cocktail hour is required.


Enjoy your special day and make sure that the guests are enjoying their time as well. Don’t let your guests wait around in silence. For more tips and tricks about weddings make sure to check out the links below.


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