Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

The aspect of a wedding that couples tend to overlook because they don’t participate in it is, the cocktail hour. This is a very important part of the wedding and today we will providing considerations that you need to think about.

During this time it is perfect for everyone to kick back and relax after the ceremony has finished. The Cocktail Hour is a great time for the guests to get some snacks until the dinner is served along with getting drinks. Even though the bride and groom do not participate in this, they still need to take it into consideration.

In some weddings, some accommodations that will need to be made are for the people that are under the age of 21. Obviously, they aren’t allowed to drink alcohol. There needs to be other types beverages that can be served for them. There are also more than likely other guests that would prefer not to drink as well. Juices, sodas, and several other beverages are great for these people.

When it comes to what type of alcoholic beverages are going to be given out there, it is important to not do the bare minimum. There are plenty of different special drinks out there that can be made. Make sure there is an elevated menu for your guests allowing them to pick from a variety. Lastly, say no to the plastic cups. They look cheap and make it look like you didn’t bother with what your guests were receiving.

Just because people aren’t drinking doesn’t mean they can’t still have a good time. Make sure that everyone is occupied with the festivities. Guests that aren’t drinking still want to be just as involved as everyone else so try to make them feel comfortable being there. No one likes to be asked “why aren’t you drinking” when everyone else.

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