Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Did you seem to forget what the ring bearer and flower girl are going to be bringing down the aisle?

You are not the only one.

Planning your big wedding day can become stressful. There are so many details that you and your partner may have forgotten through the planning process. What the ring bearer and flower girl are going to carry down the aisle are small details that are frequently missed. These are two small items that do not magically pop up at your venue on your wedding day.

Our very own Chris had his experience with it. Scrambling around a couple days before his big day, then remembering he didn’t have anything for the ring bearer or flower girl to carry down the aisle. This proves even the experts can overlook the small things!

Where to Purchase Last Minute?

As Chris said, Amazon Prime was there for him. He was able to find many different baskets with dried petals for the flower girls and felt ring box or pillows for the ring bearer. There are over thousands of options for both the ring bearer and flower girl items on Amazon’s website. There even sets that include both items in one price and package.

What to Do If You Totally Forgot?

A pillow for the ring bearer, and a basket filled with petals for the flower girl are the usual traditional go to items to carry down the aisle. Other alternatives such as wooden boxes, glass bottles, and plates can be also used to match your wedding aesthetic. These items can be purchased at your local craft or retail store to do it yourself before your wedding day. Need some inspiration? Visit Pinterest for ideas on how to make the perfect set for your ring bearer and flower girl for your special day.

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