Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we will be focusing on Wedding Guest Etiquette.

 You got an invite to a wedding in the mail – now what?

Step 1: Take note of the RSVP deadline and adhere to it – do not let complacency read as rudeness to the happy couple. Even if you are unable to attend, you need to send your regrets, above the deadline.

Keep in mind the bride and groom are anxiously waiting on responses, either way, to notify to wedding venue for food/alcohol purposes. A simple text message letting the happy couple know if you are coming, or not, is not appropriate. 

Step 2: Wondering if you are allowed to bring a plus 1 or not? The invitation will indicate if you are allowed to bring someone with you, do not text and ask and do not assume you are guaranteed one. Typically, you are allowed on plus 1 if you are in a serious relationship, engaged or married – as always there are exceptions to this rule

The bride and groom may be holding a smaller ceremony to keep costs down or to stay within a designated budget – if you have ever been married, you know the high costs – if not, trust us, it ain’t cheap 😉

Step 3: Unable to attend the big event? No problem, however, you are required to send your regrets by the above mentioned RSVP deadline and it is still customary to send the bride and groom a gift, regardless of your attendance. The happy couple wanted to include you in their special day, as a result, you should acknowledge this by sending something from the couple’s registry.

Send a present in lieu of your presence. 

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