Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we will be focusing on Wedding Guest Etiquette.

Dos and Don’ts, as a guest, during the ceremony/reception.

Step 1: Let the professionals do their job. You may have mad phone photography skills, however, you are not being paid to provide a service to the bride and groom. Wanna take a selfie, with your date, go for it! Just do not get in the way of the photographer/videographer while he/she is trying to capture the special day for the happy couple.

Keep in mind photographers/videographers are highly skilled professionals who take pride in their work. The happy couple was impressed with their body of work enough to hire them in the first place. Do not photobomb, as you attempt to capture special moments, between the bride and groom. Here’s a novel idea, turn your phone off and just enjoy the event. 

Step 2: Adhere to the designated dress code. Simple in concept, difficult in execution. 

As a general rule of thumb it is better to overdressed versus underdressed. Plus nobody wants to wants to see you in jeans and a polo at a black tie affair. When in doubt, google appropriate wedding attire, aligned with the designated dress code. You dont need to spend hundreds of dollars to look nice. 

Step 3: Do not dine and dash, stay and enjoy yourself. The happy couple wants you to be part of their special day not their special hour and 45 minutes. 

There are exceptions to this rule, however, most times it is expected that you stay for the majority of the reception. Exceptions include: long distance return travel, health conditions and prior work obligations. 

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