Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

There are many small details you may not think of as your plan your wedding day. These details may be common to professional vendors but we understand when they fall through the cracks and need some explanation. As you think about the music you want for your evening, will you be using your professional DJ for more than just the reception? Maybe ceremony or cocktail hour? This is an important detail that is often not taken into consideration when budgeting. Inaccurate budgeting is common since most times this is the first wedding you have planned!

If you are having your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all at the same location consider upgrading your budget. You will most likely want your DJ to play music throughout the day. This will require your DJ to bring more equipment to execute the transitions flawlessly. It also means that the DJ will be with you closer to 7 hours instead of the usual 5 hour reception time.

Consider increasing your entertainment budget if you will have your professional DJ with you from cocktail hour through the end of the reception. It may help to double the budget to designate a total of 15-20% towards entertainment. The additional funds will compensate your DJ for the time beyond the traditional 5 hour package as well as the additional equipment he has.

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