Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Wedding Planning Misconceptions | Who Needs A DJ? I have an iPod!

Every now and again you may come across a couple that does not think entertainment for their special day is important. Often these are people that have not been to a wedding in a while or simply introverts who would not be affected either way. That being said, we cannot stress enough just how important the entertainment for your wedding is!

Any professional DJ knows that your wedding is like a house party times 20! Your DJ should make sure to adjust as necessary to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves. The professional training makes them in tuned to what your guests are enjoying and what makes the scurry from the dance floor. They are also aware of when your guests are enjoying themselves. They know how to keep the fun going but also when to slow things down a bit to let them catch their breath.

Generally, the top things your guests will remember about your wedding day (other than the happy couple) are the food, music and sometimes alcohol. Knowing these details you will want a great DJ to entertain those closest to you on a special day. Give your guests and experience they won’t soon forget and hire a professional Pittsburgh DJ for your upcoming wedding day!

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