Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Our focus in November, will be on Wedding Trend Forecasting, for the coming year. We will be discussing new trends we love and a few we would rather pass on. Our special guest commentator, Chris, will help breakdown these trends.

This week we pick one trend to love and another to pass on.

Love: Custom Beer & Wine labels for your wedding. This trend provides a great way to commemorate your special day with libations designed with your name/design. Not entirely new so-to-speak, however, there is a huge focus on local breweries/wineries that keeps this idea on trend.

Pass: Nail Art for your wedding day. This proves to be distracting and does not always photograph well. The goal is to ensure the bride is the focal point, not her nails. In addition, this is “chasing a trend” that will likely not be en vogue, in the years to come.


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