Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Our focus in November, will be on Wedding Trend Forecasting, for the coming year. We will be discussing new trends we love and a few we would rather pass on. Our special guest commentator, Chris, will help breakdown these trends.

This week we pick one trend to love and another to pass on.

Love: Unique Venues for your ceremony and/or reception. Most people don’t like to think outside the box regarding wedding venues, however, there are a lot of unlikely places that do host such events. Have you considered an Aquarium, Zoo or Museum? All having a unique vibe that can enhance your special day. Disclaimer: Make sure you have a Plan B in case the unique venue, selected, is unable to host events or has a restriction on the number of guest that can attend.

Pass: Outdoor Foliage such as moss, trees or bushes, as wedding decor. The general rule of thumb is, leave the outdoor elements, outdoors. The natural colors may look cool, however, it could be a mess to clean up. Stick to flowers, ferns and other easy to manage decor, for your wedding. If you are a big fan on nature, consider hosting your ceremony and/or reception outside to draw in the natural elements instead.




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