Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Our focus in November, will be on Wedding Trend Forecasting, for the coming year.  We will be discussing new trends we love and a few we would rather pass on.  Our special guest commentator, Chris, will help breakdown these trends.

This week we pick one trend to love and another to pass on.

Love:  Artistic Illustrated Invitations for your guests.  Most people go with a basic design when it comes to invitations, however, there are many companies that do awesome creative invites.  Did you know that these were even an option?  All of these have a unique and creative design that will make sure to grab everyone’s attention for your special day.  How could they forget the date after opening this?

Pass: Floral Ice Cubes as the over the top wedding decor.  This will attract a lot of attention from your guests, but eventually will melt leaving flowers in people’s drinks making them constantly refill them.  This will lead to a bigger mess and clean up afterwards. Imagine what you could invest that money into elsewhere on your big day. If you are a big fan of flowers and nature then hosting an outdoor reception will keep in the natural elements a lot easier.




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