Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Creative Wedding Ideas

You want your wedding day to be memorable and you want your attire to be just as memorable. This month we are focusing on 2018 Wedding Trends. If you are considering making your wedding day stand apart from the rest, consider some of these creative wedding ideas!

Wedding Dress(es)

Several brides have been flirting with the idea of having two wedding dresses on their Big Day. One formal, more traditional style dress with tulle and train for the ceremony. The other dress may be a more revealing short dress that accommodates the less formal party vibe of the reception. If you’re changing due to personal preference or because of comfort and style, you deserve to be comfortable either way. Make the decision that will let you enjoy your special day!

Why Change

It has been a tradition for years in several cultures for the bride to make a wardrobe change. This trend has become more and more popular in the past years for contemporary and modern weddings. Some brides have a tough time choosing their favorite dress, but the majority of brides deciding on two dresses do so because the dress they love for the ceremony is restrictive and doesn’t allow free movement for dancing. Depending on the time of year or the venue there may be an indoor/outdoor option as well. A change in dress will allow the bride to go from hot to cold comfortably.

When to Change

Changing after the I do’s and before the toasts is most common. During the cocktail hour once your formal photos are complete is ideal. While guests are grabbing a drink and catching up with each other you can get changed and touch up your hair and makeup to be sure to wow your guests once again during your grand entrance. You can also decide to do the first dance in your ceremony gown then change during dinner before guests hit the dance floor. This option allows you to feel flirty and sultry as you dance the night away!

Regardless of the time you decide to change, be sure to have your shoes, accessories and dress laid out for ease. Pick 1-2 bridesmaids or family members to accompany you while changing. Now, be sure that once you arrive in your changing area that someone sets an alarm or timer for 5-10 minutes. This way, you won’t end up spending too much time changing and gabbing and miss your reception!

Alternatives to Changing

Simply put, all dresses are not made for dancing. Something more comfortable with casual shoes will help you finish the evening of a long day. The idea of two wedding dresses has become so popular that designers have begun to make convertible dresses or two-in-one dresses. This option is a more cost effective way to achieve the look of two dresses without going over budget. This is also a great idea for the bride that absolutely loves their dress but just wants a little less dress to enjoy dancing in.

Going this route will ensure that you get the fairytale dress for your ceremony and remove the tulle skirt to reveal a classy but stylish look for the reception. For a more modern chic look, brides have even been incorporating jumpsuits into the mix for reception attire!

Check in with us next week for more creative wedding ideas you can add to enhance your Big Day!

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