Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

You want your wedding day to be memorable and to be sure that your guests enjoy themselves. There will be so much going on throughout the day that you are sure to miss a lot. Using a GoPro is a fun way to see your day through your guests eyes and catch all of the great moments that you may have missed!


A GoPro camera is a small camera that can be attached to almost anything. With this you can capture the moments you never want to forget from your special wedding day. A really popular trend with the GoPro is to place it in your floral arrangement. This gives you the ability to capture your guests’ reactions while you walk down the aisle. You can even use the GoPro when you toss the bouquet! Imagine the great footage you will get and be able to incorporate into your final video.

Mounting the GoPro is another creative trend to use. Simply attach the GoPro somewhere stationary to capture the day and you can do a time lapse to incorporate the material in with your final video. Try behind the alter or even adhering it to your officiant for those extraordinary moments you will never want to forget.

You can also attach the GoPro to your favorite bottle of alcohol. We highly recommend this is you have a party crew! When you see how many people enjoyed a toast with you on your special day you will love the reactions! This is ideal for your bridal party during the limo or even while getting ready!

Consider hiring someone online to edit the footage for you or try using a video editing app on your own smart device. This is be a more cost effective route versus having your videography edit the footage.

Check in with us next week for more creative wedding ideas to enhance your Big Day and make your wedding stand out!

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