Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This past month our wedding photographers Megan McGreevy and Sarah Casile have shared some useful ideas and great tips for your upcoming wedding photography.

Go-To Person

You should be able to enjoy your special day without having your wedding photographers trying to get in touch with you. Assign someone you trust and who knows specific details about what is going on during the day to be your go-to person. You will want to have a go-to person for both the bride and groom. This person should preferably be someone that can stay in contact via text and will stay relatively sober throughout the day.

First Looks

First look photos are a newer trend that is a great way to capture more emotional and intimate photos. Couples simply want to enjoy the powerful moment when they see each other for the first time. Some people still believe it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. If you are a superstitious person or simply a traditionalist then the first look is not for you.

Time Expectations

If you are planning on taking photos at more than one location, be sure they are close to each other or you have a lot of time available before your reception. When you take into account distance and traffic you may end up eating into far more time than you thought you would. Instead, try choosing one location you adore the most and let your photographers maximize that one location.

Engagement Session

An engagement session is a more relaxed photo shoot. The couple gets photos taken to use for save the date cards, wedding website, or even display at the reception! Another great reason to do an engagement session is getting a preview of how things will actually go on your wedding day.

Be sure to visit our webpage for more wedding photography images. If you are interested in working with either Sarah or Megan please be sure to check availability for your wedding date here. We would love to document your special day and help you make memories!

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