Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Putting together the guest list for one of the most special days in your life can be a bit more stressful than you may have expected. If you happen to have a list of people you are unsure if you should invite try making an A, B & C List. Your A List should include your close friends and immediate family. Use the B & C List for co-workers, friends you may not have recently been in touch with and those distant cousins and other family members you haven’t seen in years. If your parents are pressuring you to invite your 4th cousin who you have not seen in 10 or more years than ask if your parents will pay for their dinner since they are more of a guest of your parents and not you and your fiancé. The same can be said for co-workers of your parents since you more than likely don’t have a close relationship with them. Now, who makes the cut? If you have guests on your B & C Lists that you have not talked to within the past year it is acceptable not to feel obligated to invite them to celebrate this special day with you. If you’re still unsure if you should invite them, try this strategy. Would you take this guest out to dinner and spend $150 per person at a 5 star restaurant on them without blinking an eye? Or, would be just as satisfied with taking them to Applebee’s and spending only about $40 on their meal? If Applebee’s is your decision, don’t invite them. (Note: We Love Applebee’s!)

Everyone is going to have an opinion about who should and shouldn’t be invited to your Wedding, but remember to be stern because after all, this is YOUR Big Day. Just because your family may have given you funds towards your celebration doesn’t mean that they get to dictate how the funds are used. You wouldn’t buy someone a gift and tell him or her how to use it, so why would your wedding be any different.

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