Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

It’s a given that you’ll want the ones closest to you to be involved in your Big Day; but we all know that some friends are a little “chattier” than others or won’t tell the “family version” of their favorite memory of you. Ask your Best Man or Maid of Honor to keep their toasts short and sweet so the rest of your guests don’t have to suffer! A long toast before dinner can leave your guests bored and with cold beef or chicken on their plate for dinner. A fun idea is to instruct your DJ to act like the toast is a speech at the Oscars and have them play classical music to cut off the Best Man or Maid of Honor if they get a little long winded. Of course, we would never want to cut off the Parents of the Bride or Groom, seeing as most likely they may have paid for the dinners that are getting cold. Remember; try to have everyone keep his or her toast short and sweet, this is your wedding toast, not your wedding roast!

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