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What Should I Feed My Wedding Vendors? | Wedding FAQ    

Your Wedding Videographers, Photographers, and DJs will be spending almost an entire day working to make your big moments feel magical and memorable. One great way to repay these wedding vendors is to feed them a delicious meal!

People often ask what they should feed the small team of vendors who spend almost 12 hours working for them. It is common etiquette to feed them a hot meal for their long day, even a protein and a starch can go a long way. Remember, the better you treat them, the more willing they will be to help you out!

Vendor Meals

Some venues may offer a “Vendor Meal”, which is a specific meal package made for the Videographers, Photographers, DJs, and others. Sounds perfect, right? However, sometimes this meal is not as good as it might sound. Some places might provide a cold turkey sandwich and an apple, or reheat some pasta and call it a meal. Worst of all, they might even charge the bride and groom up to $60 or $70 for this “Vendor Meal”. This is one reason why it is always important to find out this information beforehand. Find out if the Venue offers a Vendor Meal, and if so, what are the specifics? What is included, what does it cost, will you be getting a good value?

If there is no Vendor Meal, make sure you have another plan to feed your vendors. Make sure it is something warm and delicious, because you will see your investment pay off. When your vendors are happy, you’ll see the results, both in your experience that day, and also in the footage afterwards.

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