Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

When planning for your big day, everyone has their own unique vision of what type of wedding they want to create. With the right wedding planning mindset, you can have your big day planned out ahead of time so your Videographers, Photographers, and DJs can all work with you and share the same mindset! However, it’s very important to share any specific information, since they can only help you, as much as you help them!


Although your wedding team is made of trained professionals, only you know exactly how to perfectly approach your event. Need some help putting your dream into words? We have digital forms designed to create the best experience for you! These forms will let your vendors know what key moments are most important to you and your partner. 


Do you have a specific moment you absolutely want captured? The walk down the aisle, or the best man speech? maybe there is an aging grandparent you want to have footage of while they are still in good health? This is all completely feasible for the photographers and videographers to record, but they can’t be learning this information twenty minutes before an event happens. Set some time aside, and write down every aspect of your wedding you want extra focus put on. After this, it will ensure that not a single key moment is missed!

You have a whole team of professionals at your disposal, so it is important to let them know the best way to help you! With the right wedding planning mindset, your vision can be shared well in advance before you walk down the aisle.

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