Worry-Free Entertainment

You might not realize it, but your wedding entertainment plays a HUGE role on your wedding day. From curating the personalized set lists to emceeing the whole night and making sure everything runs smoothly, they are crucial to your wedding is a success. If you want the most qualified, professional, and worry-free wedding DJs in Pittsburgh, look no further than Wenning Entertainment!

Our Backups Are In Place

Weddings have so many moving pieces, it can seem impossible to keep them all straight. Leave the entertainment to us! For every client, we provide backup equipment and have DJs on standby in case of an emergency. This way, if anything unexpected happens, you can be sure you’re getting another DJ of equal quality hassle-free!

You can enjoy your big night without worrying about any hiccups. Your wedding entertainment should run as smoothly as possible to keep your big day worry-free. 

Worry-Free Entertainment 

When you book your wedding DJ with Wenning Entertainment, you pay for peace of mind. Not only do we provide every client with backup equipment and DJs, but our DJs are also trained to be prepared for every occasion. So if the energy feels starts to lag or an awkward moment happens at the reception, our DJs can be relied upon to keep things moving. At Wenning Entertainment, we pride ourselves on giving you the highest quality entertainers in the business, while also providing reliable service.

Don’t stress — leave your entertainment needs with us!

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