Unspoken Wedding Guest Etiquette Part 2

Last week, we discussed the importance of being aware of yourself, your actions, and your surroundings when you are a wedding guest. That way, you don’t accidentally make the photographer or videographer’s job harder. Sometimes these blunders are accidental. Other times you might not even be aware that these are wedding faux pas. This week, we’re letting you in on some of the things wedding guests do to DJs that hinder their ability to emcee.

Don’t Do This:

Sometimes, at fun events like weddings, you can easily get lost in the good vibes (and drinks) and forget that you’re still required to have manners with the people around you. This includes the wedding vendors!

So please, don’t tell the DJ to skip a song as soon as it starts. You don’t know who could have requested that song, and it might be an incredibly special one to them. If you make a request and your song isn’t played immediately, don’t get an attitude. The DJ is in charge of keeping the energy flowing. Your song might not be the right one for the energy of the crowd at the time.

And please — just because you amateur DJ or are interested in the setup, do not touch any of the equipment.

Do This Instead:

If you’re having a problem with the music, take a break from the dancefloor! Instead of dancing, take that time to run to the bathroom, freshen up your drink, or get to know the people around you. Whatever you do, don’t be a bully — to the DJ or to anyone else. This is a special night for your loved ones, and your yelling at the DJ to play the song you requested will really kill the vibe.

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