3 Unique Guest Book Ideas

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If you are looking to spice up your wedding and set it apart from the crowd, look no further than Wenning Entertainment! This week, we discuss how to give your reception a subtle flair with our top 3 wedding guest book ideas!

#1: A Jenga Tower Guest Book

For our first idea, take it to your game cabinet and pull out the Jenga! Each of your guests will get a block to decorate however they want during cocktail hour or the reception. Then they’ll drop them in a collection box or be collected by table by the wedding party. At the end of the night, you will have a full personalized set and someone else to blame if you lose with their piece! The best part is that at every game night you host, you will be able to relive your big day with your friends.

#2: Quilt Squares

The second guest book idea is to make a community quilt! During your reception, have your guests sign a quilt square. Each table can sign, decorate, or write on a square however they want to wish you well. Then, after the wedding, you can have those squares sewn into a quilt! This gives you a practical keepsake and the best part is you can cuddle up with your guest’s kind words and well wishes for years to come!

#3: Signed Record

For all of you music lovers, our last recommendation is to record your guests on an actual record! This could be a track of your first dance song, the song that played as the bride walked down the aisle, or any other meaningful song. Whatever you pick, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind display and a fun activity for your guests!

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