Unique Wedding Ideas Part 1

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Let’s face it; no one wants an average run of the mill wedding. The very best weddings are the ones with unique features.  The more you personalize different areas of your wedding to you and your spouse, the more special it will be. That’s why this August we are focusing on unique wedding ideas to make your special day stand out!

Hire a Painter

Our first idea has become a very big trend this season and that is hiring  a wedding painter! Photos and videos are great, but what about wedding memorabilia that you can display on your mantle? Talented painters can capture your venue, ceremony, or even first dance and leave you with a one of a kind keepsake. Support a local artist that you love and get a romantic painting that you’ll cherish forever.

Unique Wedding Decor

Next, you could incorporate your vows into your decor! Reciting your vows is one of if not the most personal and romantic parts of your wedding. Now, I know what you’re thinking: How on earth am I going to do that? There are tons of lettering specialists that can display them in your reception venue on walls, centerpieces and more! This will affirm your dedication to each other, and serves as a personal touch for those who maybe couldn’t hear you during the ceremony.

Unique Color Palettes 

There are a handful of tried and true wedding color pallets out there to choose from.  But if you wanted to personalize your celebration even more a great idea is to incorporate your birth stones.  No matter the gemstone, incorporating elements of your birthstones into your color scheme will add a subtle but personal touch to your big day!

The best way to make your wedding unique is to keep things personal.  Think about what elements of you and your spouse can be incorporated in not just the ceremony but every part of the wedding day. Whatever you decide to do on your big day, keep it personal and you’ll be happy.

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