Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Heard to believe a new decade is only a few months away at this point. What should we look to see in Weddings as we move into the new decade? This month we will be talking about several different trends that will be occurring for 2020 and beyond. This week we will be talking about Buddy-Moons and Mini-Moons.

In the past, honeymoons were traditionally taken as soon as the wedding was over. A lot of couples would change straight out of their wedding attire and hop on the next flight out. In the next decade, you can expect this to change dramatically because a lot of people are not able to travel right away. Sometimes restrictions such as work, or school schedules can conflict with having a honeymoon immediately after. You did just plan a wedding so at least take a little bit of time to relax. Here are two of our favorite alternatives to think about other than a traditional honeymoon, the buddy-moons and mini-moons!

Buddy-moons are exactly what you are thinking, a honeymoon with your friends! This is actually more common than you think. Couples will have a weeklong party for their wedding which also doubles as a honeymoon. Take the next few days to celebrate and hang out with the friends and family. You’ll have a fun group to be with you but also be able to sneak away for private time with your new spouse. This type of honeymoon is especially great if it is a destination wedding so that it makes everyone’s trip in worth it.

Are you worried about spending any more money or have taken to much time off before the wedding? If having a two week long vacation to the Bahamas isn’t an option, then the mini-moon is perfect for you. A mini-moon is a smaller vacation right after the wedding and then plan the longer honeymoon for a later time. You might go with a delightful bed and breakfast instead. This can be great for people that can’t afford to miss another week of work. Another great instance this is good for is if the weather isn’t up to par with what you originally had planned.

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