Does Your Top Pick Live Too Far Away?


The minute you get engaged you might already have someone in mind to be your best man or maid of honor.  It happens all the time.  You make a pact with your roommate from college or your childhood best friend to choose each other for those big roles but then life happens.  People move out of state and you have to ask yourself: do they live too far away?

Is Your First Choice Too Far Away?

Whenever talking about who your best man and maid or matron of honor is, it’s best to pick someone local.  Generally, for all of the responsibility and jobs they do, an out of state maid of honor or best man is just too far away. For example; if you’re planning a wedding in Pittsburgh and your first choice for the job lives in Florida or California, it will be very hard for them to plan all the different aspects locally while they live out of state.


Also, when you are choosing who is going to have this big role in your wedding you have to consider that everyone has their own lives going on too.  Things are going to be more difficult for them to venture off and plan when they aren’t in the same state as the vendors they are trying to coordinate with.  So be cautious when choosing a person that lives out of state. Think about the planning process for the wedding shower or the bachelor and bachelorette parties. It makes the job so much easier to tackle when you are in the same city you’re planning the event in. 

Consider Their Needs As Well!

Those people who do live out of state though do not have to be completely excluded! Whether its as a guest or another member of the bridal party, there are more ways than one to make your loved ones feel included in the wedding without overwhelming them. Maids of Honor and Best Men have so many extra duties that they are required to do.  Make things easier on yourself and your loved ones by picking someone convenient.


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