Elope First, Celebrate Later!

Elope First, Celebrate Later!

You and your partner have been planning and scheduling your wedding for days, don’t give up now. Do not let the pandemic take that away from you either. Rather than canceling, think about different options. Elopement has become popular over the years and can help you and your partner stay away from the decision of canceling your wedding completely. We are here to give you different options or ideas on how to move forward during this time.

Elope First

Your wedding day is all about the marriage and love between you and your partner. Rather than postponing or canceling your ceremony, think about scheduling an elopement date. Elope first and celebrate later. You and your partner would be able to still have a photographer or videographer to capture those special moments between you and your loved one. Some vendors you may want to think about still using are the officiant, a beautician, and a florist.

Elopement Attire

This day is about you and your partner’s new life together. Whatever you want to wear you can wear. You can also decide on what to wear from the elopement destination. Themes can include classic, short and modern, bohemian, asymmetrical, and cosplay.

Celebrate Later

Nothing is wrong with holding a reception or after party later in the year or even next year to celebrate your elopement between you and your partner. During this time, this may be the best decision for you and your partner instead of canceling your wedding completely.

Announce Your Post Wedding Celebration

This is a perfect time to use those elopement photographs that were taken to let the people you want to invite know there is a ceremony or after party later in the year to celebrate you and your partner.

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