Wedding Venue Red Flag: Front loading

In the excitement of wedding planning, it is easy to be wooed by the shine of newer wedding venues. But, don’t get wrapped up too much in the fantasy of hosting your wedding at one of these locations just yet. Some of these places are hastily put developed and only in the business to try to get a quick buck. That’s why this month we’re counting down the biggest new wedding venue red flags that you should look out for.

What is front loading?

One of the worst red flags a new venue can have is front loading your reception. These locations drive the flow of the wedding and reception. A good venue knows the proper spacing for events. Front loading is when the venue tries to get you to do everything first, including the entrance, first dance, cake cutting, toasts, etc.

Why is front loading a red flag?

This is the exact opposite of what you want your reception to be set up like. Bad or inexperienced venues will try to get the bride and groom to have everything at the beginning of the night. This is so that staff can leave early. But that isn’t what’s best for you and your guest’s. The best layout is to space these events out before and after you have dinner. That way, no one is waiting through too many events before they get their food.

While they may look new, shiny, and perfect, many a newer wedding venue won’t know how to properly space out your reception and are looking for a quick buck. Keep your eye out for these red flags so that you don’t end up with lots of problems on your wedding day. 


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