Your Guide to Engagement Rings


Christmastime is here, and with it comes a whole lot of engagements. According to the BBC, nearly 40% of engagements happen in the 2½ months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The number of engagements skyrockets on Christmas Eve. So, in honor of this season of getting engaged, we’re giving you our guide to engagement rings so you can pick the perfect one for your partner!

Clean and Simple 

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, try to think about what your partner’s personal style is. What kind of jewelry do they wear daily? If your partner opts for more dainty jewelry for everyday wear, go for a classic and simple cut! Think Round, Oval, Cushion, or Radiant cuts. These classic cuts will never go out of style and will work perfectly for your understated partner.  


If your partner chooses larger, statement pieces for their everyday jewelry, consider an Emerald, Princess, or Asscher cut diamond. These modern cuts will be the perfect statement while still looking elegant and chic. Also, consider unique band styles like halos, yellow gold, or diamond bands to add a bit of character to these classy cuts.

Unique and Trendy

Finally, if your partner is always looking for the next fun and unique piece to add to their collection, check out interesting cuts like Heart, Pear, and Marquise. Make these cuts personal by hopping on trends like adding multiple stones of various cuts.  Or select nature-inspired bands that vine and wrap around the finger.  


Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong when you keep in mind their personal style!  So, ask your partner’s friends what they’d like and pay attention to their jewelry box and you won’t go wrong when picking out your engagement rings!


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